Our online services are specifically oriented to improve and rebalance gut related disorders.

Whether you are a health practitioner seeking orientation and training or a health-seeking person looking for a straightforward and effective way to improve your quality of life, we are here for you to provide the best set of recommendations and guidance to achieve your goals.

*Online consultations are offered in English and Spanish

How Do I Get Started?

Free Discovery Call

During this initial conversation, a dedicated team member from Revolution Gut Health will connect with you to understand your unique health needs and goals, ensuring we’re the perfect fit for your wellness journey. We’ll gather your information, create a patient file for Dr. Haroldo, and initiate the setup for your required testing. 


Testing begins with a Total Tox Burden Analysis. As a foundational step for all new patients, this test identifies common toxic offenders affecting your gut microbiome health. Once your results are in, a Revolution Gut Health team member will contact you.

Evaluation of Results

Dr. Haroldo takes a deep dive into your test results and medical history, crafting a personalized health roadmap tailored to your specific needs. This comprehensive evaluation forms the basis for a customized detox protocol and identifies any further testing required to address your gut health concerns. 

Detox & Rebalancing

Under the careful guidance of Dr. Haroldo, you’ll embark on your detox and rebalancing phase, supported by a specialized Revolution Gut Health practitioner. Your assigned practitioner brings a wealth of expertise and works in close collaboration with Dr. Haroldo to offer you the most comprehensive care available. They will oversee your follow-up appointments, ensuring a seamless and supportive experience, while Dr. Haroldo remains on hand for any complex or urgent health needs. 

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